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The Hebrew community in Dimona

'Royal Pesach' is the main holiday of the Hebrew community ('Hebrew Negroes') in which they celebrate their liberation from a 'slave house' in the USA where they lived like the Israelites for 400 years and followed the '45 second vision' of the movement's founder Ben Ami Carter ( Ben Israel) to the Land of Israel not before they lived two and a half years in Liberia 'in order to purify themselves' before entering the Land. During the holiday, each family comes in their own colorful (non-synthetic) clothing, dances and creates a whole happening. The community of 2700 people lives on a vegan menu (including a local soy-based ice cream - very tasty) fasts every Saturday, believes in an inclusive holistic life and obliges the members of the community to go to the gym every week. They serve in the army, attend schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and sell seitan (wheat protein) products throughout the country. On Shavuot, all the members of the community go out dancing and hold a tulip ceremony in which the priest dances and brings the cart of the first-born, joined by all the other priests of the community who dance like children and are accompanied by singing and dancing by the women, which turns the whole community into a 'dancing community' and joy

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