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My name is Eitan Elhadez

In recent years, as part of my journalistic work and out of personal interest, I have reviewed, participated in and photographed dozens of ceremonies in Israel: from secular ceremonies such as the opening ceremony of the House of Shanti in the desert or the ceremony of the Beauty Queen to religious ceremonies such as the blessing of the sun over the Azrieli Towers to the Passover sacrifice ceremony of the Samaritan community at Mt. greases These ceremonies allowed me to be a 'tourist in my own country' and discover an impressive and diverse mosaic of communities and social groups that hold ceremonies, whether it is for sacred religious worship 

And whether it is for the purpose of maintaining a cultural or social custom centered on the creation of man. 


Today I cover and photograph  for the magazine "The Week in Tel Aviv" 


The owner of the blog 'Aman Ha'im', a social activist, one of the founders of the 'Association for Happy People' and an association



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