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Christianity is the largest monotheistic religion in the world and it influenced and still influences the West. It began more than two thousand years ago in the Land of Israel, therefore during my wanderings in the Land of Israel I discovered that it is full of amazing, beautiful and unique Christian ceremonies that only thanks to my project I was introduced to them and to the wealth of the Christian community in the Land. I was at a special prayer in the beautiful Armenian church. I witnessed the impressive baptism ceremony on the Feast of the Epiphany in Qasr el Yehud, I participated in the singing of the mourners in the mourning march from the Mount of Olives to Mount Zion. On Christmas Eve I visited various churches in Jaffa as well as the Annunciation Church in Bethlehem. An impressive and strange ceremony was the 'Good Friday' in which the faithful reenact the last journey of Jesus as he walked through the old city (Via Dolorosa) to the Church of the Sepulcher carrying large crosses.  




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