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Judaism is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, carrying on its back a memory of almost 3000 years. It is also one of the religions with many holidays and rituals. I really like the Jewish holidays and rituals that have a mix of family, national ethos, agricultural past heritage and academic diligence. I remember how Tears came to my eyes at the great funeral that was held in Israel for Rabbi Ovadia Yosef when I saw in front of me thousands of Hasidic people crying and crying out. I was saddened to hear a member of the Ethiopian congregation announce to me at the Hajd ceremony in Jerusalem that it is no longer certain whether in the future any of the members of the congregation will be able to preserve their ancient tradition. A smile came to my face when a small boy from the Chanz Hasidot explained to me at the congregation's mass throwing ceremony that he arrived early to take a seat in front of the Rebbe in order to "catch his sins" and why did I ask? "Because the Rebbe's sins" he told me with sparkling eyes "for us These are sacred commandments." I had the privilege of accompanying 17 Holocaust survivors from Netanya and celebrating their Bar Mitzvah with them for the first time alongside their children who were just as excited as they were. I stood in awe at the wedding ceremony of the grandson of the Rebbe of Sanz and imagined that I was walking in an exiled Jewish town with royal manners and impressive ceremonies. 

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