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One hundred years since the holocaust of the Armenian people

The Armenians are a nation of 10 million people originating from the Caucasus region and their country is located in this region between Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Starting on April 24 1915 the Turks under the leadership of the Young Turks began to systematically and deliberately exterminate all the Armenians who lived in Anatolia. The Armenian Genocide was characterized by mass massacres, mass deportations and death marches, under conditions designed to bring about the death of the deportees. It is widely estimated that between one million and one and a half million Armenians perished between the years 1915 - 1918. Even after the end of the First World War and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, many Armenians continued to be murdered by Turks, Azeris, and Kurds until the year 1923.

The State of Israel still refuses to recognize the Armenian Holocaust, but its policy is slowly changing, and MK Nachman Shai was invited to the official ceremony held in Armenia this year, who spoke. At the ceremony held in Israel (in the photos), only the chairperson of the National Assembly, Zehava Galon, who came out against the government's policy, was a guest. They came to the ceremony Honorable members of the congregation, most of which gathers in Jerusalem in the Armenian quarter, where there is also a memorial to the fallen. 



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